Connecting the Dots

- August 24+25th 2021


Group Rooms



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This two day workshop aims at defining the ultimate team and tool set up for our localization needs. We will have the chance to learn from each other and collaborate to shape the ideal environment to ensure great teamwork and most advanced technology in place.


This track is related to the team and vendors set up. We will be divided into groups and we will discuss what is the ideal team set up to deliver top quality localization, tackling the different challenges we have daily related to maintaining connection with remote teams, vendors and how to best support their needs.

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This track is related to tools and technology. We will be working in groups to understand what a localization team needs in terms of tools, technology and connections and how to integrate everything we need, with a closer look to the most advanced tech available on the market and how to make the most out of it according to our needs.

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