6 years ago, localization & LQA specialists from various game publishers met in Berlin and started the GloWorkshop series. It was supposed to destill the experience of that helpful joined coffee or cigarette break you had with a colleague and remembered when returning from busy Localization World into recurring day-long events. As our idea for how a game industry hosted event for localization/QA professionals continuously evolved over the years, so did our aspirations in terms of the range game localization topics we wanted to cover.

Participants cherish the openness possible when sharing their successes as well as failures with another, learn about the application of new industry technologies and may even be able to use that broadened perspective to reassess their challenges back at home. That level of intimacy comes at the price of limited access, something we feel will not change in order to keep up the spirit of the event.

Over the last couple of years, I have met many enthusiastic creators and developers of localization tools & services that not only were very happy to showcase their new software or latest feature, but also consistently kept an open ear for criticism or in part even worked on purely experimental ideas – all without having the motivation of a sales opportunity. I have long been wondering how to foster that creative synergy and came to the conclusion that similar to how it happened at GloW, it might be possible by simply swapping the set of playground rules these dialogues usually take place between developers and the users of their tools & services. And where is that magical act supposed to happen?

You guessed right, on Loclab.net!

This is Atomic

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