[From the organizers]: We define Massively Multilingual as a new space where language technology and data converge with a myriad of applications in all fields of commerce, government, society and science. It’s time for Massively Multilingual to be recognized as a crucial catalyst in the rapid advances of AI and in how communication in the world in 2030 is taking shape. The shift of language technology from a productivity enhancer in a relatively small translation industry into a solution for grand scale world-facing opportunities and challenges, – that’s really what we are talking about in this new Massively Multilingual Conference. At the conference in San Jose, we also introduce the new theme of World-Readiness. Thanks to the power of data we can – for the first time – scale our localization business quite easily, add dozens or hundreds of new languages and set goals like reaching a billion new users and the last customer on this planet. The globalization chiefs of big tech companies, as well as start-ups, come to the TAUS conference to discuss their visions and strategies of World-Readiness. This Massively Multilingual Conference also marks the fifteen years anniversary of TAUS. The first founding TAUS meeting was held in San Francisco in January 2005. Our work as a think tank in the past fifteen years sets the stage for the roaring twenties of translation that are starting now

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